Program Management System

Bridging Old School Values With New School Technology

Take comfort in knowing that GRG has the correct system in place to manage your projects. We truly think this is what sets us apart from all other companies!

We’ve combined … web stores, administration, analytical reporting, distribution, collaboration … all into one functional, easy-to-use software system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“GRG’s project management software has been extremely helpful in organizing and efficiently streamlining our complex projects. Their approach ensured we could have more easily accessed project insights and eliminated redundant steps. Their team is focused on win-win solutions and they have never let us down.” ~ Mike F.

The current process you are used to:

  • Outdated systems
  • Emailing purchase forms back & forth
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Manually inputting information
  • Waiting for shipment details & tracking #s
  • Waiting for analytic reports
  • Waiting for inventory details

This list is so long you probably didn’t even read it all. We don’t blame you. Instead, let us share with you a better waythat’s been helping our clients save time and efforts while eliminating errors.

Our project management software will bring:

  • Streamlined, automated ordering processes
  • Realtime, instant tracking & analytic reports
  • An easy-to-use website for effective communication
  • Live, updated list of inventory
  • A+ rating for our web portal security

The best part?

Each customer portal is unique to your company’s specific needs. We will take your brand’s large goals and break them down into bite-sized, easy to manage pieces.

Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies looking to streamline loyalty programs and advertise at career fairs around the country to car dealerships running national campaigns with POS kits and everything in between!

On your end, it’s as easy as thinking, “I’ll take one (or hundreds) of that!” and pressing a button on the web portal which will allow GRG to instantly get to work filling, shipping, setting up your orders, events, loyalty programs, etc.

Long gone are the days of endless emails and shuffling around of orders!

We understand humans make mistakes but our project management software doesn’t. Your team will know exactly who is working on what part of your project and at what time.

At a quick glance, you’ll know where everything stands with your team and ours. On a deeper dive in, you’ll be able to submit feedback, receive status updates, and track every detail in realtime and all from one place.

An even better part?

There’s no additional cost to use our project management system*. When we are working on a project for your brand, we build your web portal as part of doing business with us.

Let us take our decades of experiences to make the entire process of bringing your brand’s project to life as smooth as possible.

* Minimum program size required.